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Granja Grafica was born in 2012 as a space for revitalizing the old printing craft, adapting it to contemporary needs and projects.

In the workshop you can find several piles of paper, lots of ink and quite a lot of heavy machinery. The craft is not simple, but very fulfilling. We hand print each paper at a time, ink each letter, then wait for it to dry in order to apply the next color. Time goes by slower and the eye became sharper.

Elies studied Fine Arts in Olot, then worked with his father learning type setting, engraving techniques and much more about the fine book press.

Gaby is a photographer and graphic designer that after Elies introduced her to the craft, she did not hesitate to change the pixels for the paper and inks.
We are in Barcelona, in Gracia’s district, a neighborhood full of talented artists and small streets.

We like to share our passion in every work we think and print. We enjoy learning and becoming greater printers.

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