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Set up costs (plates and machinery) are the same whether we are printing 1 copy or 10.000.
Therefore it will always be more convenient to make a longer run.
We can print paper up to 49 x 69cm. (19.30 x 27.16 inches)
This size of the plates is more expensive. We recommend using designs that don’t take the place of the whole paper so as to better adapt to the budget. If you are planning to print a big size print, let us know so we can give you advice.
Each color requires its own plate and machine setup. The more colors the design has, the more it will cost.
We use Pantone uncoated inks to print. Since there are differences between screen and print pantone, we advise checking the colors with a physical Pantone swatch book. 
If you have the design in RGB or CMYK, you will need to convert it to Pantone uncoated.
Letterpress is ideal for printing thin lines and typography. This doesn’t mean that is not possible to print greater areas of solid colors, but there are some things to take under consideration such as paper to use, combination with text or other graphic elements, size, etc. The best will be to contact us with an example of what you wish to print, and let us advise you about it.

Greater areas of ink will show more color variation in the run since ink density is more difficult to control, therefore having some pieces darker or lighter than the others. Since the density of the ink won’t be constant, it can leave some parts of the design with a kind of texture. This can be perfect and reinforce the meaning of some designs, but not others.

If this large areas are combined with small text, the best thing will be to have 2 different plates (although they are the same color). The first plate will receive more ink than the other, so as to preserve the amount of ink and legibility of texts.

Metallics inks with letterpress printing tend to be less glossy and have more of a matte look and feel. They work better combined with darker color papers. In some cases this can suit the design intentions of the pieces, if that is not your case, hot foil is the way to go, contact us.

The best way to send in your design is in pdf format, with the outlined text and color separation (group the elements for each color) The smallest size of lines we can print is 0,3 pt. Type should be no smaller than 7 or 7,5pt. (this can change from one family type to another) If you have any doubts about the minimum size of your design, send us a pdf and we will check it for you.

Our turnaround is 10 to 15 business days, that can vary depending the complexity of the job.
If you need the work faster than that, some rush fees apply.
The project starts when we receive the final pdf files of the design and the 50% deposit payment.

If you want to be present the day of the printing, please let us know beforehand.
The setting up of the machine, paper and ink is done before the scheduled meeting time, since it can take quite a while. Once everything is set up, we need to start printing so punctuality is appreciated.
Besides getting to know the technique and how we work, press checks are the moment to adjust the depth of the impression and ink densities.

If you are not in town, we can arrange a virtual press check. 
We will arrange a time and send you pictures of the work as we run it for your approval. You will need to be at the exact time via email.

We require 50% of the total when starting the project so as to cover paper and plates expenses.
The rest of the payment is due completion of the work.
We accept payment via bank transfers, paypal, credit card or cash.